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        2. On the way to smart city

          Diehl Metering

          The digitalization of cities is progressing; through the use of innovative technologies, intelligent and efficient solutions can be provided for different areas of urban development - described by the term "Smart City". In terms of technical infrastructures, the main goal is to improve the coordination of energy production, storage, distribution and consumption and to offer corresponding energy services. Countless urban objects offer the potential for intelligent optimization - whether in parking, lighting or building and meter management.


          The Internet of Things (IoT) is a new milestone in digitalization, linking technology and everyday life deeper and deeper. Where there is networking, there is also a need for a medium that enables communication. Together with Fraunhofer IIS, Diehl Metering has developed "MIOTY?" (My Internet Of Things) as a solution for smart cities. The new generation of sensor communication not only reflects Diehl Metering's more than 20 years of experience in radio technology, but also the innovative power of the radio experts.

          The MIOTY? technology is pioneering as it transmits data from thousands of sensors efficiently, safely and economically up to 15 kilometers due to a reliable, robust method - the so-called telegram splitting. MIOTY? technology can show its strengths in the remote monitoring of large industrial facilities, buildings or company sites as well as Smart City applications. In all this, MIOTY? transmits up to 1.5 million messages a day securely, smoothly and quickly - from up to four times more subscribers than the industry standard. This is how Smart City works.